About Us

Tory and Ash, a couple of Wisconsinites in the Pacific Northwest who thought Pioneering, Cargo Ship witnessing, and Public Witnessesing wasn't busy enough....

So in 2015, Ash embarked on this wonderful (sometimes stressful) and always love driven work of scripture based jewelry and accessories. From humble beginnings as “The Bloom Emporium” (Ash's lovely plant drawing pendants) quickly turned into what “Gingers” is today. We have experienced joy, tears
( of all kinds), but most of all encouragement being able to share our handcrafted goods with our worldwide brotherhood.

Ash is the creative mind and constant thinker of our shop. Her eyes are constantly on the lookout for inspiration wherever we are. She gets that look and you know she is creating something wonderful. Although its not always easy with a auto immune disease, She carries on putting love into every aspect of her work. She also is hoarding plants in her spare time.

Tory is our resident mug maker, postcard poet, and doer of all paperwork. He also is busy pioneering with Ashley, working on the HLC, and shepherding the congregation. Yet somehow he finds time to go to soccer games... he says it helps him do the other stuff better?  The dad joke teller of the shop, printing department, and jack of all trades (according to him) master of none (according to everyone else).

Amber is our communication specialist (aka she answers your messages) and resident Texan. She is the happiest, sweetest, and super concerned about everything going on with your order, so feel free to reach out! She and her husband regular pioneer together! 

Dexter also helps by tirelessly helping us stock the shop, and keep things clean and organized. Although he does demand quite a few lattes for his hard work.

From our state of the art facilities (our house) to our brothers and sisters, we hope you are encouraged and feel the love!

Your Makers

Tory, Ashley, and Amber